How Long Will Wrinkles Stay Smooth After BOTOX®?

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When it comes to refreshing your face, fewer treatments are as convenient and effective as cosmetic injectables. For dynamic lines and wrinkles specifically, BOTOX injections are one of the most popular solutions used by men and women across the country each year. At Sereno Santé near San Jose, CA, board-certified provider Dr. Maia Chakerian and our team of aesthetic experts are proud to help patients look and feel better than ever with a comprehensive range of facial injectables, including BOTOX. Keep reading for more information on what to expect after your BOTOX treatment, including how long your gorgeous new look may last before you’ll need a repeat injection.

Is BOTOX right for me?

With so many injectables and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments available today, it can, understandably, be overwhelming to try and determine which solution is right for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to make this decision alone! Our knowledgeable and experienced team will take ample time to evaluate your concerns, discuss your desired outcome, and recommend the most appropriate treatment – or combination of treatments – for you. Generally speaking, patients with mild to moderate dynamic lines – meaning those associated with repetitive muscle movements and facial expressions – can benefit from BOTOX injections. Common lines that can be dramatically improved with BOTOX wrinkle relaxers include:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • 11 lines
  • Glabellar lines
  • Lines between the brows

What’s the difference between BOTOX and fillers?

The primary difference between fillers vs. BOTOX centers around which symptoms of facial aging each product is designed to treat. While BOTOX aims to smooth dynamic lines and wrinkles, injectable dermal fillers target static lines, facial folds, lost volume, and deflated features. Common concerns that lead patients to consider filler injections include:

  • Thin lips
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Circles under the eyes
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Lip lines

Does BOTOX work immediately?

Unlike injectable dermal fillers, which provide immediate results, BOTOX injections take an average of 4 – 7 days to effectively smooth out lines and wrinkles. During this time, the neurotoxin works to bind with receptors in the muscle, which causes it to temporarily “freeze” or relax, resulting in a smoother, fresher, more youthful appearance.

How long does BOTOX last in the forehead?

While every patient’s body metabolizes BOTOX at a unique rate, the vast majority of men and women can expect their BOTOX results to last for about 3 – 4 months before a repeat treatment will be needed. Toward the end of this period, patients may notice a return of their facial expression lines, which can be a good reminder to schedule their next appointment! Oftentimes, however, patients choose to have BOTOX injections performed every three months on a regular basis to prevent the return of their lines and wrinkles altogether. With routine BOTOX injections, you can keep your treatment discreet and enjoy a consistently smooth look.

Consider the convenience of BOTOX injections in San Jose, CA for a gorgeous look you’ll love

Dynamic lines and wrinkles can appear earlier than you might imagine. In fact, many patients begin to develop forehead lines and Crow’s feet in their 20s and 30s, which can make them look older than they actually are. To restore a smoother and more youthful look you can feel confident about, call Sereno Santé today to schedule your consultation for BOTOX injections near San Jose, CA with board-certified provider Dr. Maia Chakerian and our award-winning aesthetic team.

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