San Jose, CA | Jon Cox - Alma Laser Treatment | SerenoSanté

Jon was suffering from excessive hair growth after use of a medication. Sereno Sante exceeded expectation with the hair removal process. Afterwards, he did the fat loss procedure and again, exceeded expectations. Jon is very satisfied with his results.

Hello. My name is John. I have been a patient of Dr. Maya Jakarian and her fabulous Alma laser for approximately 10 months. I initially sought a consultation with Dr. Jakarian after having some excessive hair growth due to some medication that I had to take. Dr. Jakarian explained the process, explained what was going to happen, the total procedure, and set my expectation for success. We have done a number of procedures and my expectations were far too low. I am incredibly pleased with the results and was far better than what I was led to expect. In addition to the hair removal, I consulted with Dr. Jakarian about some fat removal and some skin tightening. Again, she explained the process, the procedure, what would happen and set my expectations. Again, we have far exceeded my expectations. It's simply marvelous results. There is no discomfort in either procedure. There's a little bit of heat that can build up, but all you do is tell the doctor that your skin is getting warm or it's starting to be hot and she will stop and cool down the affected area with the cooling function in the laser. Everything works very well. It feels kind of like getting a massage and the results are, at least in my case, were far greater than what I was led to believe would happen. Just an excellent, excellent result. Good luck on your treatments.