What Laser Treatments are Good for Darker Skin?

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Many patients with darker skin tones assume that laser skin treatments are off-limits for them. While this was historically true, modern advancements in aesthetic technologies now provide almost all patients the opportunity to safely undergo certain laser treatments and enjoy a clearer, healthier, more radiant complexion. At Sereno Santé near San Jose, CA, aesthetic specialist Dr. Maia Chakerian believes that everyone deserves to love their skin and is dedicated to offering a complete range of skin enhancement solutions that are safe, appropriate, and effective for almost all skin tones, including dark skin. In this blog, you’ll find information about which laser treatments may be most suitable for use on darker skin and what results may be possible for you.

Can laser skin rejuvenation be performed on dark skin?

Yes! Advanced technologies now make certain laser skin treatments safe and appropriate for almost all skin tones, including darker complexions. In the past, many laser treatments were off-limits for patients with dark skin, as these lasers often worked by targeting and destroying the pigment that was actually responsible for the patient’s skin tone. Now, hybrid lasers and other technologies make many laser skin rejuvenation treatments available for a much wider range of skin types and tones.

Which laser skin treatment can be used on dark skin tones?

Some of the most popular nonsurgical skin treatments that are safe for dark skin and are available at Sereno Santé include:

  • Laser skin resurfacing: With the ablative and non-ablative HyGrid™ laser by Alma Hybrid™, patients of almost all skin types can undergo laser skin resurfacing to address a long list of common skin concerns, including lines and wrinkles, scarring, rough skin texture, discoloration, and more
  • Skin rejuvenation: Performed with the Alma Hybrid SoftLift system with the goal of smoothing out lines, wrinkles, scarring, and facial lesions for a firmer and smoother complexion overall
  • Laser skin tightening: Utilizes the Alma Hybrid laser with CO2 and non-ablative modes to address lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin across the face and body
  • Lesion removal: The HyLight by Alma Hybrid is used to remove common skin lesions from the face and body, such as skin tags, growths, moles, brown spots, and others

What laser treatment should I get on my dark skin?

The right laser skin treatment for you will depend on a number of individual factors, including your skin tone and type, the nature of your concerns, the extent (or age) of your skin irregularities, and many others. In order to determine which laser skin treatment will be safest, most appropriate, and most effective for you, Dr. Chakerian or a knowledgeable member of our laser skin care team will perform a thorough skin assessment, review your health history, and listen to your specific concerns and goals. Together, we will work with you to curate a customized skin treatment plan that can help you achieve the complexion you’ve been dreaming of.

Searching for laser treatments for dark skin in San Jose, CA? We can help

With cutting-edge hybrid laser technology, our caring team is proud to offer skin enhancement solutions to patients of all skin tones and types. To learn more about which laser treatments may be right for your unique skin, call Sereno Santé near San Jose, CA to schedule your consultation with Dr. Maia Chakerian today.

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