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Debunking Three Myths About Laser Treatments for Darker Skin Tones

Laser skin resurfacing is a popular and exciting way to reduce common signs of aging, but some people are hesitant to undergo treatment because they have darker-toned skin. Rest assured that Sereno Santé uses top-of-the-line laser technology that is safe for all kinds of skin tones.

Below, board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Maia Chakerian describes three myths about laser treatments and how our San Jose, CA-based practice is committed to providing the best care for each of our patients. Call now to schedule your first laser session.

Myth 1: All laser treatments are unsafe for dark skin tones

Laser treatment can be harmful because some devices are simply not designed for darker skin. As a result, people experience unwanted complications like hyperpigmentation or scarring. Fortunately, the lasers we use at Sereno Santé ensure optimal outcomes without unwanted side effects.

We understand how important it is to choose the right laser for your needs. For example, the HyGrid™ by Alma Hybrid™ is a very well-known laser used for skin resurfacing. This laser combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths of light to provide maximum benefits with minimal downtime.

Dr. Chakerian and our team have extensive experience using the HyGrid laser, especially for patients with a darker complexion – we are proud to have helped many people achieve impressive outcomes.

Myth 2: The results from laser treatment are not as good on dark skin tones

At Sereno Santé, all laser treatments are customized to the needs of each patient. Dr. Chakerian knows how to adjust the laser settings, so the parameters are tailored to your skin tone. Many patients report excellent outcomes regardless of their complexion.

Some benefits of laser skin resurfacing include improved skin tone and texture, fewer lines and wrinkles, smoother-looking skin, and a more even complexion overall.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to ensure excellent results from laser skin resurfacing and other procedures. We start by evaluating your medical history, skin type, and areas of concern before developing a unique treatment plan in San Jose, CA. If you have any questions about our technology, we are always happy to answer them.

Myth 3: Laser treatments are too painful for people with dark skin tones

Our procedures are virtually pain-free thanks to the use of topical anesthetics and cooling systems. Sereno Santé also offers a variety of comfort measures, so your experience is as pleasant as possible. Patients can undergo treatment and return to their daily activities without any discomfort.

Dr. Chakerian also provides detailed pre- and post-treatment instructions, so you get the most out of laser skin resurfacing. Our recommendations include avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreen, as well as specific skin care regimens. Following these instructions closely can help you avoid unnecessary pain and other complications.

Debunking myths about laser skin resurfacing

At Sereno Santé, we understand that laser treatments can be intimidating – especially for people with a darker complexion. Our qualified team is always committed to providing high-quality care.

Dr. Maia Chakerian can explain our processes in detail and create a custom plan before getting started. Call our San Jose, CA office to discover the benefits of skin resurfacing. We look forward to helping you achieve skin rejuvenation results you will love.

Sereno Santé
Sereno Santé
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The staff at Sereno Sante is absolutely amazing. They did everything to make me comfortable from the time I got there to the time I left. I have recommended them to all family and friends. I will definitely be a long term client of Sereno Sante!!!!
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Margarita Garcia
Excellent service! Dr Chakerian is very patient. She answered all my questions regarding my procedure. Friendly staff as well!
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Sharonrose Crowley
Excellent support and warm, efficient staff. I have been a client for years and highly recommend it!!

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