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Experience the ultimate rejuvenation with Revanesse, a cutting-edge dermal filler meticulously crafted to restore volume and vitality to your skin.

Revanesse Lips in Los Gatos, CA

What is Revanesse® Lips?

Revanesse® Lips offer a patient and physician-backed alternative to traditional lip fillers. This exciting new option here at Sereno Santé utilizes hyaluronic acid (HA) as the main filler and is used to transform the way both providers and patients approach lip augmentation procedures. This FDA-approved dermal filler can be utilized by patients age 22 and over to enhance, augment, and plump lips with less pain, less swelling, and less product required for results than traditional treatments. In an initial consultation in our Los Gatos, CA office, Dr. Maria Chakerian can discuss all of your lip augmentation options and goals and help you decide if Revanesse Lips is the ideal option for meeting your ideal image.

What are the benefits of Revanesse lips?

Revanesse Lips is a great alternative for patients who are not interested in more invasive procedures, but still want to enhance their lips’ natural appearance. At Sereno Santé, we offer this patient-backed formula for our Los Gatos, CA individuals who desire the following benefits out of their lip injections:

  • Physician- and patient-supported results
  • Hyaluronic acid based filler, which plumps your lips with a natural substance familiar to your body
  • Natural-looking, soft results that softly enhance your existing beauty
  • Excitement about your smile, profile, and overall appearance

Am i a candidate for Revenasse lips?

Having a Revanesse lip augmentation can help give you more voluminous lips and help you achieve your ideal lip shape. Depending on what your specific needs and goals for your lips are, you may find that more invasive procedures yield longer-lasting results. However, Revanesse Lips is an ideal lip solution for those looking for less pain, testing out their appearance, or experimenting with injectables for the first time. Ideal candidates for Revanesse at Sereno Santé:

  • Have naturally thinner lips and may experience even thinner lips with aging
  • Have asymmetrical, uneven lips
  • Desire to enhance the overall appearance of both your lips and your entire face
  • Are in overall good health and are at or over the age of 22

How does Revansse lips work?

With this procedure, a nonsurgial approach to lip enhancement is achieved by using the hyaluronic acid dermal filler. These injections are performed as part of a routine outpatient procedure in one of our standard treatment rooms. You may wish to consult with Dr. Chakerian about the potential for discomfort and if a numbing cream would be a desirable addition to your treatment. Once the lips are prepared, multiple injections will be administered to the agreed-upon areas of the lips and then massaged to give smoother, more even results. You can leave immediately following your procedure and carry on with your normal, day-to-day routine.

What can I expect after my Revanesse lips treatment?

You will want to listen carefully to the post-treatment recovery instructions given by Dr. Charkerian to achieve ideal outcomes following your Revanesse injections. After an augmentation, your lips may feel slightly sore, but this will clear up in several days following the procedure. You may wish to utilize over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication and ice to reduce the initial discomfort and swelling. The results from dermal filler should last anywhere from 3 – 12 months, depending on the individual characteristics of each case. These long-lasting results may also be impacted by the natural aging process, which can alter your results over time. Talk to Dr. Charkerian today about the potential for touch-ups or enhancements that can help refresh your new lips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does lip augmentation cost?
The cost of your Revanesse injections may vary, depending on multiple factors such as the desired outcome, number of injections needed, or other variables. In your initial consultation, Dr. Charkerian will develop a customized treatment plan before calculating your estimated costs. Sereno Santé accepts a variety of payment options, and we can help you locate the financing plan that is ideal for your goals and your budget.
There are many different lip augmentation options on the market. Revanesse is an FDA-approved alternative that utilizes hyaluronic acid and is reported as a top competitor in the market from both practitioner and consumer perspectives. Revanesse reports less downtime after injection, less pain after injection, less swelling, and less required product — making this a more affordable option for many patients. If any of these factors are interesting to you, contact our office in Los Gatos, CA, today to schedule your initial consultation and achieve your ideal lips.
Many patients come into their appointments with inspiration from models and celebrities or even from friends who have had similar procedures done. At Sereno Santé, we encourage you to bring pictures that help you and your provider build an ideal lip shape for you. However, please be aware that given personality traits and limitations, the injectable plan will have to be tailored towards what attributes your own lips have. Dr. Charkerian will listen to your goals and view any inspiration pictures brought to the appointment before discussing your choices and what treatment will best meet your personal lip augmentation goals.
Revanesse lip injections utilize hyaluronic acid (HA) to create submucosal implants for lips. Dr. Charkerian inserts these injections so that your results appear as natural as you would like but still maintain that ‘something special’ quality of enhancement. In your initial appointment, we will discuss the size and shape of both upper and lower lips to settle upon an overall shape that you desire. In 2 – 3 months following treatment, you will notice that your augmentation settles into its final position and that the swelling from the procedure will have fully subsided — so that you can finally enjoy your maximum results.
Typically, patients are very happy with their Revanesse results. However, various occasions arise where patients desire the removal of lip implantations. If you have doubts or concerns about your implants, Dr. Charkerian may suggest alternative options that will help you achieve the results you desired. In the case of Revanesse, you can also expect their effect to diminish over time.

Get the fuller, sexier lips you want!

Sereno Santé wants you to love the look, feel, and shape of your lips. With our Revanesse Lips filler, you can enjoy plump, well-shaped lips that help enhance your overall appearance. Call our Los Gatos, CA office today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Charkerian, who will assess your lip contour and goals to develop your unique treatment plan to achieve your desired lips.