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Where Can Lesions Form on the Body?

Lesions like warts, moles, and skin tags are common issues and form on nearly any area of the body. While some lesions are harmless, others may need to be removed for aesthetic or health-related reasons. Our professionals at Sereno Santé are proud to offer cutting-edge laser treatment that provides results without invasive surgery or recovery at home.

Lasers remove lesions by targeting the skin with a concentrated beam of light energy that destroys the cells. Dr. Maia Chakerian can offer information about advanced technologies like the HyLight by Alma Hybrid™ during a consultation near San Jose, CA. Call now to book a laser consultation and start the process today.

What are lesions, and where do they appear?

Lesions are spots on the skin that appear different than the surrounding tissue. They range in size (from small to large) and shape (round, oval, or irregular). Though lesions are generally harmless, they can be unsightly or uncomfortable, especially if they are in areas that are often exposed to movements or friction. The most common kind of lesions include:

  • Warts
  • Moles
  • Skin tags
  • Keratoses
  • Brown spots

Lesions can appear almost anywhere on the face or body but are usually seen on the hands, cheeks, nose, or chin.

How does laser treatment help with lesions?

When it comes to lesion removal, laser treatment is a safe way to target unwanted tissue while preserving the surrounding skin. The high-energy beam of light destroys cells deep within the lesion, so it reduces in overall size or disappears altogether. Sereno Santé uses the HyLight by Alma Hybrid, a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser that offers treatments for people of almost all skin types.

Is laser treatment painful?

Many people turn to surgery to remove lesions in San Jose, CA, but these procedures are invasive and leave behind unsightly scars. Laser treatments allow men and women to have smoother, virtually blemish-free skin without the pain or downtime associated with surgery.

Dr. Chakerian does provide a topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort so patients can relax and remain calm during their procedure. Rest assured that our skin care professionals can ensure your comfort.

Can you treat any area with laser technology?

The HyLight by Alma Hybrid can manage lesions on nearly any area of the face and body, but a custom consultation is the best way to determine your candidacy for laser treatment. Dr. Chakerian will examine your skin and provide custom recommendations based on your unique needs. Our technology can be adjusted depending on the size and depth of your lesion, allowing us to provide optimal results with minimal issues.

How long does it take for the lesion to disappear?

It depends on the size and location of your lesion. Our laser technology targets the affected areas in one or more sessions, but fading may take time depending on how much tissue needs to be addressed. Patients tend to report smoother skin that appears healthier and more even after working with our trained team.

Try lasers for lesion removal

Lesions like warts, moles, and skin tags can be embarrassing or painful. Sereno Santé proudly offers laser treatment for lesions in San Jose, CA with Dr. Maia Chakerian. Call now to learn more about our technology and receive individualized recommendations for your unique needs. There is almost no better way to experience virtually blemish-free skin without surgery.

Sereno Santé
Sereno Santé
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